Product overview soundproofed systems

Quiet and compact compressor systems of the SICOLAB series

In laboratories or medical applications, particularly quiet and compact compressors are required as noise in the workplace impairs concentration and performance. Therefore, rely on quiet compressors from Dürr Technik. Our SICOLAB series offers a flexible application, whether with or without membrane dryer and is also available in customized compressor designs.

Our soundprooved and therefore particularly quiet SICOLAB series offers you flexible use for medical applications in laboratories, hospitals and practices - and is also available in individual compressor designs, e.g. with or without membrane dryer.


> Delivers up to 145 l/min flow rate at 5 bar


> Delivers up to 61 l/min flow rate at 5 bar.

Product features

Quiet: Due to the sound insulation all compressors of the SICOLAB series have particularly low sound pressure levels and have been specially developed for use in laboratories, practices and hospitals.

Compact: Due to their compact dimensions SICOLAB compressors can be placed space-savingly under every laboratory table and are the ideal solution especially for small rooms.

Maintenance-friendly: Our SICOLAB compressors belong to the particularly maintenance-friendly laboratory compressors and require, for example, only one filter change per year.

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