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Quiet and compact - meet the SICOLAB series air compressor systems

Noise in the workplace impairs concentration and performance. Therefore, rely on quiet compressors for your laboratory work and create a pleasant work environment for yourself and your co-workers.

Our soundproofed and therefore particularly quiet SICOLAB air compressors offer you great flexibility in laboratory applications. There is a suitable compressor model for each, for example with or without membrane dryer.

Our soundprooved and therefore particularly quiet SICOLAB series offers you flexible use for medical applications in laboratories, hospitals and practices - and is also available in individual compressor designs, e.g. with or without membrane dryer.

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> Delivers up to 145 l/min flow rate at 5 bar


> Delivers up to 61 l/min flow rate at 5 bar.

Product features

Quiet: Due to the integral sound insulation and the thoughtful design, all SICOLAB series air compressor systems have a particularly low sound pressure level as they were specifically developed from the ground up for point-of-use applications in laboratories.

Compact: The SICOLAB series point-of-use laboratory air compressor systems were designed to fit under the standard height lab bench, a sought after feature in every room where space is a premium.

Maintenance-friendly: The SICOLAB point-of-use air compressors systems are designed with the lowest cost of maintenance in mind. For example, they only require to replace the filter elements once a year, while the condensation removal is fully automatic.

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