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Electronic control and monitoring for compressor systems

DürrTronic monitors your compressor system safely and reliably. This helps to ensure reliable maintenance intervals and can help to diagnose and avoid failures. The automatic monitoring displays the most important operating parameters and various statistics, so that various diagnoses can be carried out simply at the touch of a button. The electronic control system ensures less mechanical wear by time-controlled operation of the solenoid valves and helps to achieve the maximum service life of the compressor.

Advantages of DürrTronic

Preventive maintenance
  • Helps to remind users to replace critical components in a timely manner, thus the system can achieve its optimal service life.
High duty-cycle warning
  • Prevents motor and valve failures.
Condensate drain control
  • Prolongs the service life of the valves and the compressor`s friction couple, as the system does not need to cycle while in standby mode.
  • Since the condensate drain valve is not activated in standby mode, the system does not produce unnecessary noise.
  • Provides diagnostic information for the operator or maintenance personnel, such as operating temperature, duty-cycle and maintenance interval of service components.



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