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Customized Compressor Systems

Dürr Technik Modular System

OEM air compressors for all your industrial compressed air needs: The flexible modular system from Dürr Technik offers various component combinations in order to construct the optimized compressor system with or without membrane dryer. Modular compressor systems allow companies to best tailor the right compressor system to their needs, reducing costs while increasing efficiency.

The following components are available for your customized compressor system:

  1. Oil-free compressor aggregates with free air delivery rates from 25 l/min and 300 l/min. Driven by a single-phase or three-phase motor option.
  2. Customized DC-versions are available on request.
  3. Five different pressure receivers sizes from 3 l to 90 l.
  4. Different types of control gear with mechanic starting sphere or automatic solenoid valve are available as well as the required safety-relief valve, pressure gauge and mains cable
  5. A large selection of accessories such as suction filter, pressure hoses, quick-couplings etc. are available.
  6. A membrane-dryer system is available as a separate component. Special drying/dew point levels can be met upon request.

Simply select the configuration for your requirements and contact our sales engineers to discuss your specific needs.

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