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Oil-free Compressors E-Bull Series

Our small powerful compressor package for commercial vehicles, rail vehicles and a wide range of industrial applications

With the next generation of the E-Bull, Dürr Technik is optimising its innovative range of oil-free piston compressors, which are specially designed for rail and commercial vehicles such as trains, trucks and buses and as well as for industrial applications.

In the field of mobility, where every gram counts, the low weight of the E-Bull reduces energy consumption and increases payload. With a power consumption of only 10.6 watts/l/min, the next generation oft this versatile piston compressor belongs in the upper efficiency class. Despite its high performance, it is extremely quiet and makes a significant contribution to reducing noise pollution. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the compressor can be installed anywhere in the vehicle - in any installation position.

High-quality materials and our know-how in oil-free technology ensure low-maintenance operation and an extremely long service life, which is also reflected in low life-cycle costs. The robust design of the E-Bull can withstand strong vibrations and is therefore ideal for mobile applications.

With our oil-free compressors you can fully rely on an environmentally friendly solution that combines sustainability, energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Press article about the new generation of compressors

Mouldi Warag, Product Manager at Dürr Technik, on the new generation of oil-free electric compressors:

“These developments might not sound like much at first, but it’s actually really impressive in the context of starting with an already very compact compressor.”

Read the press release about the new E-Bull now.

Your benefits at a glance

Robust & durable
  • New: Optimized heat dissipation using new rotating head design.
  • Withstands strong vibrations which makes the unit suitable for mobile applications.
  • Well protected against dust and water with degree of ingress protection IP 67.
  • Extremely long service life thanks to high-quality materials and low-friction oil-free technology.
  • Applicationtemperature range from -40°C to +50°C.
Powerful & efficient
  • New: 11% higher flow rate compared to the previous model with lower weight (depending on application only 0.1 kg per l/min).
  • Suitable for operation with frequency inverter. Using a variable speed inverter allows for optimum operation of the compressor and can also lead to energy savings in the system.
  • Long distance run: guaranteed 100% duty cycle.
Compact & quiet
  • New: Even less space required thanks to internal air ducting.
  • Variable mounting positions.
  • Extremely quiet compared to other piston compressors.
Economical & environmentally friendly
  • New: Even more sustainable with a 6% reduction in power consumption.
  • Savings in oil, filter and waste oil disposal costs thanks to oil-free technology.
  • Low life cycle costs due to low spare parts requirement.
  • Low maintenance operation and extended maintenance intervals without the need for oil management.
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to low energy consumption thanks to motors specially matched to the series (IE3 motor).

Benefits of the new compressor range in detail

Increased Flow Density

Despite its lower power consumption and reduced height, the new E-Bull now produces 11% more air than its predecessor.

Improved Heat Dissipation

New compressor head design provides faster heat dissipation. The new head rotation option allows airflow to be optimized according to the compressor's installation position.

Lower power consumption

The power consumption of the compressor has been reduced by 6%. This not only reduces heat production, but also also improves the E-Bull's sustainability credentials.

Reduced height thanks to integrated air ducting

The new air guide, which is fully integrated into the crankcase, reduces the overall height of the compressor and significantly lowers the outlet temperature of the compressed air. This is particularly beneficial when the compressor is integrated into a system or installed in a low-ceilinged machine room.

The E-Bull compressor - perfect for many industries

The E-Bull: the ideal train companion.

You can rely on the E-Bull in any situation. The compressor is a compact powerhouse that is quiet, low maintenance, reliable and meets the latest rail standards.

The E-Bull compressor is ideal for integration into modern compressed air systems for new trains or for retrofit projects. Systems based on one or more compressors in combination with chillers, dryers, electrical and pneumatic controls can be easily integrated due to the low height and flexibility of the arrangement. Compressed air systems can be designed to meet specific customer requirements and can be flexibly sized according to vehicle consumption.

Please contact us for further information.

The E-Bull: Powerful support for today's commercial vehicles.

Electrically powered trucks and buses require compact, efficient and environmentally friendly compressors that are corrosion resistant and extremely reliable. The new E-Bull compressor meets all these requirements.

Excellent ride comfort: low noise and vibration thanks to balanced moving parts and high quality vibration dampers.
Premium motor: high protection class up to IP67 and high efficiency motor up to IE3.
Small and compact dimensions: ideal for installation where space is limited. Contact us now to arrange a consultation.

Contact us now to arrange a consultation.

The E-Bull: Compact and Tailored to Your Industrial Application

The E-Bull compressor is perfect for demanding applications where space is limited and high flow is required. The E-Bull can be configured with additional components to suit any application. Its compact size, low noise and variable frequency drive ready motor make it ideal for integration into a wide range of projects.

We will be happy to advise you.

Configuration of the E-Bull according to your needs

Configure the E-Bull according to your needs:

  • Different voltages
  • Different configuration options
  • Accessories for each market and application
  • Also available as a large E-Bull industrial station from 2024

Make an appointment for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Technical data

Type Free air flow at 5 bar Noise level Motor input Current consumption Voltage Frequency Protection Class Weight Dimensions
  (l/min) PN dB (A) P1 (kW) (A) (V) (Hz) (IP) (kg) L x W x H (mm)
Type Free air flow at 5 bar Noise level Motor input Current consumption Voltage Frequency Protection Class Weight Dimensions
  (SCFM) PN dB (A) P1 (kW) (A) (V) (Hz) (IP) (kg) L x W x H (in)
E-Bull 9.89 71 3.4 6.9 400 50 IP67 105 17.7x20.8x11.7
E-Bull 280 71 3,4 6,9 400 50 IP67 47,5 450x530x298
E-Bull 11.12  73.5 3.95 6.8 400 60 IP67 105 17.7x20.8x11.7
E-Bull 315 76 3,95 6,8 400 60 IP67 47,5 450x530x298
E-Bull 9.89 71 3.4 12.0 230 50 IP67 105 17.7x20.8x11.7
E-Bull 280 71 3,4 12 230 50 IP67 47,5 450x530x298
E-Bull 11.12  73.5 3.95 11.8 230 60 IP67 105 17.7x20.8x11.7
E-Bull 315 76 3,95 11,8 230 60 IP67 47,5 450x530x298

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