Shock wave therapy systems

Oil-free compressed air for shock wave therapy with ESWT devices

Helping orthopaedics with oil-free compressed air

In orthopaedics, extracorporeal shock wave therapy, also known as ESWT, has been used successfully for many years, for example to treat chronic inflammations. Another form of ESWT is radial shock wave therapy, also known as RSWT.

Generation of radial shock waves using compressed air

In RSWT, radial shock waves are generated mechanically by compressed air. A small, light, high speed projectile is accelerated by compressed air which hits an applicator which lies on the skin and distributes the shock. The impact pulse in the form of a pressure wave is transmitted to the body via a coupling medium such as a gel. An oil-free compressor is used to generate the mechanical pressure wave.

Advantages of the oil-free compressor in pneumatic shock wave therapy

Due to the use of compressed air, this method is also known as pneumatic shock wave therapy. Our oil-free compressor is the heart of the shock wave device.

Our small, oil-free air compressor portfolio can offer you an economical and quiet solution for your shock wave device. Thanks to oil-free compressor technology and a choice of air filters that meet your requirements, our compressors deliver the desired high air quality. Since the shock wave device is located at the point-of-use, it is important to keep the operating noise as low, as possible. Dürr Technik compressors are recognized not only for their quiet operation, but also for their durability and sturdiness, while being nearly maintenance-free.

For over 40 years, Dürr Technik has specialized in supplying oil-free compressors for medical OEMs, among them manufacturers of ESWT devices. With the experience we built over the decades, Durr Technik is your competent partner from conception to design and in all phases of your project to ensure that your product will meet all requirements.

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