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Oil-free compressed air supply for healthcare facilities

Whether a hospital, a special clinic or a doctor's office, pure compressed air is required for many medical devices. As one of the leading manufacturers, Durr Technik offer oil-free air compressors that impress with their low noise and low vibration level, and with their flexibility and efficiency. Our oil-free air compressors utilize Durr Technik's time-tested piston design and with a number of options, such as the high-resolution bacterial filters or our patented membrane dryer, they are conceived to be an integral part of the facility's operations.

Endoscope drying and reprocessing

Thanks to our reliable, oil-free air compressor products, the endoscope drying and reprocessing systems can increase their uptimes, thus reduce their cost of lifespan.

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Compressed air supply for medical ventilators

Our oil-free air compressors have been used in medical ventilators and other medical respiratory products for decades. They are an indispensable part of the discerning manufacturer's products.

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Compressed air for shock wave therapy

Manufacturers of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) medical devices can rely on our premium quality air compressor products.

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Central compressed air supply for hospitals and healthcare facilities

Our oil-free air compressor products are perfect as an essential component in designing and packaging centralized compressed air solutions. Our team is here to help our OEM customers to meet the requirements.

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Other application fields

For decades, Dürr Technik's oil-free air compressor products have been the preferred choice of many medical OEM customers, with the most diverse applications.

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