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Oil-free compressors from Dürr Technik take you further

Did you know that Durr Technik is the first manufacturer of oil-free compressors worldwide for railway applications with the most model variants?

From main air compressors to the auxiliary air compressors, we offer our customers the entire range of options and plan the ideal solution for manufacturers and operators of railway vehicles as well as with system suppliers.

Subject to the project and the application, our high quality oil-free units and compressed air systems could yield up to 80% savings over a 5 year period when compared to an oil-lubricated system.

Your advantages at a glance

Cost-effective & maintenance-free
  • Savings in costs for oil, filters and waste oil disposal thanks to oil-free technology
  • Low energy consumption due to motors specially designed for rail traffic
  • Maintenance-free operation and extended maintenance intervals as oil level checks and oil changes are no longer necessary
  • Low life cycle costs due to low spare parts requirement
Reliable & durable
  • Tested for use in long-term operation - even under extreme climate conditions
  • Shock-resistant thanks to the innovative technology and robust motors
  • Durable due to the use of high-quality materials with low-friction design
  • No oil vapor generated affect the downstream system
  • Our products are manufactured in Germany and meet all industry certifications and standards such as the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) or the fire protection requirement EN 45545-2.
Customized & Eco-friendly
  • Requirement-oriented configuration of the compressors and systems through a broad product range and extensive special equipment
  • Oil-free compressors protect the environment by avoiding oil and oil-filter as hazardous waste.
  • Compact design and low weight due to omission of condensate collector and oil filter
  • Increased driving comfort thanks to noise and vibration-reducing shock mounts and spring elements

Main air

Each train has its own special features with specific requirements. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of proven products, from belt-driven to direct-driven solutions.

Durable Marathon B-304WR
Especially low-noise E-Bull-300
Compact, particularly vibration-free MC series

Auxiliary air

Some railway vehicles, such as trams, use a hydraulic brake instead of a pneumatic one. For this reason, smaller auxiliary air compressors are required for all pneumatic applications such as track sanding or wheel flange lubrication.

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