Compressed air for gas generators in the laboratory

Dry compressed air for laboratory gas generators

Oil-free compressors for the on-site gas production

For the on-site production of gases such as oxygen, nitrogen or zero air a gas generator is required. The gas generator requires oil-free compressed air, because of the particularly stringent requirements in laboratory applications: it must be clean and, above all, dry.

This compressed air is usually produced by an air compressor. In the air compressor the air is sucked in through a particle filter, then compressed, dried and cleaned. The resulting clean and dry compressed air then flows through the system, where nitrogen, oxygen or hydrocarbons are separated from the rest of the air flow by a filter or molecular sieve. For these applications Dürr Technik offers the SICOLAB oil-free compressor systems, that are especially designed for laboratories.

Oil-free laboratory air compressors for on-site gas generators

The SICOLAB series “point-of-use”, oil-free laboratory compressors  utilize an innovative and patented membrane drying system to produce dry compressed air. The system meets the requirements of the ISO 8573-1 standard for compressed air quality, up to class 1:3:1. They operate extremely silently due to a low sound pressure level. The SICOLAB is also easy and intuitive to use, can operate in 100% continuous running mode and therefore perfect for gas chromatography applications.

For over 40 years, Dürr Technik has specialized in supplying oil-free compressors for medical OEMs, among them manufacturers of ESWT devices. With the experience we built over the decades, Dürr Technik is your competent partner from conception to design and in all phases of your project to ensure that your product will meet all requirements.

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