Drive of syrup pumps and soft drink dispensing systems

Oil-free compressed air for soft drink dispensing

Efficient dispensing with oil-free compressors

The world's leading beverage companies and fast-food restaurant chains rely on Dürr Technik`s compact, reliable compressors when it comes to dispensing soft drinks and other post-mix beverages. The compressed air is used to drive the pneumatically operated syrup pumps, such as the Floret and Shuffle brands, to convey syrup concentrates from the bag-in-box packaging to the dispensing systems.

Compressed air is environmentally friendly and represents a safe alternative to CO2. Besides the immediate cost savings of reduced CO2 usage, the associated logistics and management costs are also reduced. Would you like to find out more about oil-free air compressors in a soft drink dispensing system?

Advantages of Dürr Technik compressors for your soft drink dispensing system

  • Savings in gas costs
  • Significant reduction in CO2 consumption
  • Reduced cost of logistics
  • Improved occupational safety
  • Consistent beverage quality
  • No loss in dispensing time even with long beverage lines

Compressors from Dürr Technik - durable, robust and safe

In fast-paced operations, restaurant chains in particular require to use their syrup pump even more often. Dürr Technik`s oil-free air compressors are durable, robust and reliable. To ensure that the syrup pumps will also reach a long service life, Dürr Technik`s air compressors are equipped with a 3µ particle filter.

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Application examples for beverage dispensing

Thanks to our decades long experience in oil-free air compressor technology, we have developed our products to suit a wide range of applications for beverage dispensing. Our portfolio can be used in many applications and while frequently used to drive syrup pumps, they can be used as follows:

  • All dispensing systems that use a gas pump
  • Beer pumps
  • Supply air for nitrogen generators
  • Bag-in-box systems
  • Supply air for beverage line cleaning pumps

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