Compressed air for analytical devices

Compressed air for analytical instruments such as rheometers, spectroscopes or particle measuring instruments

Valid analyses in the laboratory with oil-free compressed air

In dynamic image analysis, compressed air is supplied to the particles to be measured. Particle size and particle shape of powders, granulates and suspensions are measured.

Dürr Technik's compressed air station meets scalable compressed air requirements thanks to various equipment variants. For example, our laboratory compressor can be used for particle measuring devices from Sympatec, Retsch Technology and Fritsch.

Dürr Technik has been the specialist for oil-free compressors for over 40 years. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with qualified advice and ensure that you remain satisfied with our service.

Broad range of applications for laboratory compressors in analyses

Oil-free compressed air is also used in the analysis method of the spectroscopy. Using a spectroscope, light is broken down into its spectrum and can be examined visually. Depending on the analysis, different combustion or oxidation gases are used. The most important oxidation gas is compressed air.

There are many different applications for oil-free compressors, e.g. they are used for atomic absorption spectrometers (AAS) for elemental determination or therahetz spectrometers for the detection and control of properties of matter with electromagnetic fields.

Oil-free compressed air for smoother analyses in the laboratory

Rheometers are used to determine the deformation and flow behavior of various materials. The properties that can be measured include viscoelasticity, flow behavior, ductile viscosity, thixotropy, creep behavior and creep recovery, as well as other relevant parameters such as extrudate swelling and melt fracture. Constant compressed air of suitable quality is required for the air bearings of the drive motor of a rheometer.

The SICOLAB oil-free laboratory compressor from Dürr Technik is ideally suited for this purpose. Thanks to its membrane drying system and integrated fine filter, Dürr Technik's laboratory compressor produces clean compressed air. For example, the SICOLAB series can be optimally used for Anton Paar's MCR rheometer series as a source of compressed air for their bearings.

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