Central air compressor systems

Central Air Compressor Systems

Oil-free air compressors for medical compressed air systems in hospitals and healthcare facilities

Medical air and gas supply systems require to meet particularly high standards and rigorous specifications. Dürr Technik's oil-free air compressors are the ideal building block of such central air or gas supply systems, offering long lifespan, reliability with low maintenance cost that makes the products the most economical choice for the cost of the lifespan.

Clean and dry air according to ISO 8573-1

Our proprietary, patented membrane dryer helps to meet the required air purity level per the ISO 8573-1 standard. The 100% continuous use of our membrane dryer is a clear advantage, while its low purge air consumption design ensures that the dry air in the storage vessel is economically generated

More about the benefits of our membrane dryers

Application examples for medical compressed air supply

For over 40 years, Dürr Technik has specialized in supplying oil-free compressors for medical OEMs. With the experience we built over the decades, Durr Technik is your competent partner from conception to design and in all phases of your project to ensure that your product will meet all requirements.

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