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In many countries, vapour recovery is required by law. The aim is to return petrol vapour that escape during vehicle refueling to the storage tanks. With the help of vapour recovery systems - referred to in international expert circles as STAGE II - hydrocarbon emissions can be significantly reduced.

Active vapour recovery systems have become established on the market due to their higher efficiency and more convenient handling for the customer.

The vapour recovery pump is the decisive component for a trouble-free working vapor recovery system. With the MEX vapor recovery pump, Dürr Technik offers a high-quality and very safe solution with a constant flow rate throughout the whole lifetime.

Our quality and reliability is guaranteed by various certifications: ATEX, TÜV, QS, PTB and CN-EX.

The following diagram shows the main components of a typical vapour recovery system

This is how the vapour recovery system works

The function is based on the control of the volume flow ratio of fuel to extracted petrol vapour. This ratio is set to 1:1 (proportionality) and controlled by a mechanical (1) or electrical (2) proportional valve. Systems with speed control (3), like our “all in one” solution MEX Vapour Control, do not require proportional valves.

Reliable and economical: MEX round-the-clock

  • Legal requirements and automatic monitoring devices place the highest demands on the reliability of the vapour recovery systems. For legal reasons, the operator only has a limited period of time before the dispenser is switched off if there is a problem with the vapour recovery system.
  • A reliable vapour recovery pump with a constant flow rate is essential for a trouble-free vapour recovery system.
  • Dürr Technik has been manufacturing the MEX piston pump, that has been specially developed for vapour recovery, since 1994. Its reliability and flexibility are demonstrated by several hundred thousand units that have been in use worldwide.

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