More air for less money – the Dürr Technik Marathon series

Generate compressed air faster and more efficiently with the Marathon range of oil-free compressors.
A specially designed compression ring provides a better seal, significantly improving efficiency. The flow rate can be increased by up to 17%, depending on the model. This has a positive effect on energy costs.
At an operating pressure of 7 bar and 100% duty cycle, the 2-cylinder compressor B-160 saves 1450 kwh per year. This equates to a cost saving of €330.00 per year. Reduce your costs with the efficient oil-free compressors in the Marathon range.

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For almost three decades, our vapour recovery pumps have been synonymous with safety, economy and the reduction of emissions at petrol stations worldwide...

Generate compressed air more quickly and more efficiently – with the oil-free compressors of the Marathon series you can do it.

The new product series "MEX Vapor Control" is based on a direct drive and has an electronic speed control. Due to the electronic speed control the proportional valve is no longer required....

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